Welcome to the official Greeley Fire Department training website. Within these links you will find the latest training information relevant to your Greeley Firefighters. Take some time to explore the site; you’ll find videos, photos, legal documents, lesson plans, fitness information and workouts, and powerpoint presentations. There are photos and videos of training as well as actual incidents. These photos and videos are placed here to challenge our firefighters who were not present to discuss the incident and how they might have handled the same thing. You might see some things go right and some that went wrong and that is exactly what is intended.

      Firefighting, rescue work, and emergency medical services encompass a myriad of challenges. We never know what we will face when we show up to work. Hopefully this site will assist Greeley’s Bravest with learning new skills and enhancing old ones. Anything we can do to improve the services we provide will make us more effective and, above all, safer.

       Remember our mission statement: “Prevent harm through professional, compassionate service.” This website will enhance our ability to achieve that goal.

We hope you enjoy the site and that it proves valuable to you as a Greeley Firefighter.

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South Metro Close Call  - The Cornerstone Fire

This video describes a close call at a basement fire in fall of 2012 in South Metro's district. The incident nearly trapped 4 members of our department as they narrowly escaped a collapse of the first floor into the basement. This video hopes to pass on lessons learned so that other firefighters are not faced with a similar situation.